1. More shows.

  2. Some photos from the Rise from the Shadows gig in Tauranga! :D

    Cheers to Richard Voss for the photos!


  3. Just wrapped up the Boys of Almost summer with Seas of Conflict and The Visionary. Big thank you to everyone who came along to a show and to the other bands for having us!

    Go check out Seas of conflict and The Visionary on Facebook.



  4. Recent and upcoming show posters!

  5. Posters for our upcoming shows. You will find links to the events from our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blamelessNZ

  6. William Slingsby made a Live music video for our song Back Down. Check this out! and reblog. Peace

  7. Hay if you have a minute you should watch this. My cousin had to do a media project at school and used our bands song Ready to Live. awesome stop motion.

    Take a minute and Enjoy :D


  8. last nights show was sick. big thanks to everyone that came out and to all the bands for making the trip out

  9. Come along if you’re around auckland!

  10. Big ups to Alex Forlong for making this. Best band photo ever!

    (Source: facebook.com)